“Look how pretty you are!” She tells herself as she smiles at her reflection in the mirror. She was admittedly vain, but deep within she knew she was afraid.
She was always worried of saying the wrong things that she ends up letting careless words slip out. The fear builds and grows on her. Every stare she gets pierces through her like a spear coated with poison.
When will she gain the confidence to spread her wings?
She wondered “will I forever be mediocre?”.


Helios and Methuselah

The stars cried many tears, they wavered within the moon’s embrace.
“We should all face the fire together!”
The youngest cried as he held onto the diminishing light of his motherĀ Methuselah.
“Do not fear the unknown, child. Face it with courage and understand it.”

Silently, as to not make his presence known to his children, HeliosĀ wept.