Drifting, drifting with eyes half open.
I always wondered what was real and what wasn’t.
Dreaming, always dreaming.
I want to close my eyes forever and keep dreaming.
Waking, waking with bright eyes.
I have to keep waking up.
Keep dancing in  this reality.
Keep singing for my own sanity.



I am forgetful.
I forget the things I just said or thought.
I forget the moments that are pivotal to others, but not to me.
I forget some people I’ve met and grew up with.

but I never forget the words that stung me, the words that healed me, the words that made me grow.
I never forget the people who changed me and helped me mold myself to who I am now.
I never forget who I am and who I want to be.

I keep it in my heart, deep within my mind, the things I want to remember unconsciously drifting about inside my head.