No matter your age, you are allowed to feel the way you do.
If you are hurt, you can cry.
Even if the simplest thing make you the happiest, why not?
In this harsh world we live in, it is the most difficult to be ourselves.
We are judged by our every move.

Are we not creatures capable of free will?
Whoever said that we should conform?
Is it not enough to be kind to one another?
Why bring people down?

There is no need for turmoil.
Let’s all stop the war right now.

The battle we are fighting is not against other individuals, but within ourselves.
Fight against yourself!
Do not let the evil within you win.
Don’t let it tempt you.

Turn away from it and embrace the good you have within you.
You may have to dig deep for it to be found, but believe in yourself and surely, you’ll find it.


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